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Cycling Ride Rules

Thames Valley Triathletes – Club Cycling Rules

Information about club rides will be on the club calendar which is on our website and can be found here if you’d like to bookmark it:

All riders take part at their own risk. The ride rules are there to protect everyone, and to ensure enjoyment for all, please follow them at all times. Ride leaders decisions are final.

Representation of TVT

  1. At times other road users may have different views to you regarding your/the groups/their actions and behaviours which sometimes leads to misunderstanding and conflict. In such cases riders are asked to stay calm and diffuse confrontation at all times as you are representing TVT when on a group ride

Required and Recommended Rider Kit

  1. Riders must ensure their bike is roadworthy and must wear a helmet.  No helmet, no ride

  2. Riders must be self-sufficient (carry 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers, pump, mobile phone and money)

  3. Riders must carry ID and emergency contact numbers, if possible on a visible part of their body. We recommend the use of a Bracelet ID (from companies such as: RoadID, IceID, Cram-Alert, TheIdBandCompany, OneLifeID)

  4. Riders must have a rear light in low light conditions

  5. Riders must not use headphones or music devices

  6. Riders must not use tri-bars when riding in a group (although they may be fitted)

  7. Riders must carry enough nutrition (both food and drink) to be self-sufficient for the entire ride

  8. We recommend riders wear eye protection and highly visible clothing while out riding


Meeting for Rides and Balancing Groups

  1. Groups will be balanced by group size, speed and ability. Riders must meet at the advertised start location to enable ride leaders to balance groups each week

  2. Groups will leave the advertised start location at the stated start time. Riders who are late may be able to catch up and join a group, but must check with the ride leader when they reach the group

  3. The ride leader may ask a rider not to ride with a group if they feel that the group is unsuitable in terms of speed or ability for the rider. Please don’t be offended, it’s better to do well in the right group than struggle all winter in an unsuitable group

  4. If a faster rider drops down to a slower group the rider is required to ride at the pace of the group and not disrupt the ride by forcing the pace to be faster than advertised


Group Safety

  1. The safety of the group is the top priority at all times. Ride leaders decisions are final and they may cancel or abort the ride at any time

  2. The group will stay together and look after each other (providing riders have ridden with that group on a regular basis, and not just arrived because the weather is nice or because there’s a promise of coffee)

  3. Riders must contribute to the safety of the group by being aware of their road position in the group and other road users around them

  4. Riders must communicate with riders in the group; highlighting hazards, passing messages, and signalling intent before changing position

  5. Riders must inform the ride leader if they need support or wish to leave the ride at any time


Youth Members

  1. Youth members must only ride with Derek’s group (accompanied by a parent or guardian). They may be moved to another group if Derek and the group leader agree it is suitable for them to do so


Ride Cancellations

  1. In the event rides have to be cancelled, we will try to provide as much notice as possible. If all rides are cancelled more than 24 hours before (usually if extreme bad weather has been forecast) then notifications will be emailed to members. If individual rides are cancelled, or a decision is taken on the morning of the rides, then cancellations will be posted on Facebook

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