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England Athletics.

England Athletics Affiliation

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TVT is now an affiliated club with England Athletics (EA).


 What does this mean?


If you decide that you want to affiliate with EA, you will be able to run for TVT rather than needing to join a secondary running only club.  The benefits of EA affiliation include:


Entry discounts (minimum £2) on UKA licensed road and multi terrain events

Various exclusive offers with EA’s partners


Depending on the number of TVT members joining EA, either an entry into a London Marathon ballot or 1 free entry will be allocated to the club.  In order to qualify for the guaranteed place, the club needs a minimum of 10 members affiliated with EA as of 2 November.  Only TVT members who have EA affiliation will be eligible to take up any place allocated to the club.


How do I affiliate with EA?


1.   Make sure you are a fully paid up member of TVT.


Go to our online shop and purchase your EA affiliation. (  Currently EA have set this as £15.

Once we have received your payment, the Club Secretary will be notified and will then register you on the EA Secretaries Portal.  Registration includes the transfer by TVT of your payment to EA.

Once EA have received all your details you will be allocated a Unique Registration Number (URN) and confirmation of membership through the members portal. 

EA will then send you a membership pack and card, which they indicate can take 3 weeks. 


Please note – the members affiliation year runs from 1 April.  If you were an affiliated member in the previous affiliation year, you will have until 30 June to renew your affiliation.  So, for example if you joined on 1 November 2018, your affiliation fee would only cover 8 months.


I’m a affiliated with an athletics club, can I transfer my first claim affiliation to TVT?


 Absolutely and we would encourage members to do this. There is a process for doing this and a pdf attached which explains how you can do it.  Its relatively straightforward and you and the Club Secretary will be notified when this process has been completed.


 Where the first claim affiliation to TVT makes the most difference is in the cross-country league, where you can race for TVT rather than your current first claim running club.  It’s entirely your choice, but we’ve listened to members who wanted the option to race for TVT.


 Where can I find out more?

Brighton Marathon 2019

We are pleased to announce that England Athletics registered athletes can now apply for a guaranteed entry into the 2019 Brighton Marathon. Entry into the Brighton Marathon costs £75 and entries must be applied for through your Club Secretary. If you are interested in entering the Brighton Marathon via the England Athletics Club entry, please speak to your Club Secretary. The organisers can only accept requests to enter from Club Secretaries. 

England Athletics Club entries are available until 1st March 2019. Race packs will need to be collected by the runner or a friend / member of family from the Brighton Marathon Exhibition held on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April.



For any queries regarding EA Club entries email

Athletics Domestic Calendar 2019

Click here to download the Domestic Calendar (PDF 90kB).

The athletics domestic calendar for 2019 has been prepared following two fixtures meeting in the year, and extensive and positive discussion between UKA, Home Countries and many other competition providers throughout the year.

It does represent considerable continuity of approach, but also some notable changes - changes that some will disagree with, whilst others support fully. Unanimous agreement in matters such as this is impossible - and the role of UKA and the Home Countries working together is ultimately to balance the views and agree a best approach. That is what has happened to produce this calendar and it is now finalised and not changing.

There are a couple of key changes that I highlight. These are:

  • The move by British Athletic League and UK Women's Athletic League to promote joint matches, and move towards joint scoring / further integration in the future. As a result, the National leagues are now marked on the calendar as “National Athletic League”. This move reduces the impact on facilities and officials.

  • The move for Area and Regional Leagues to move to dates that do not clash with the NAL dates. This situation has been the “norm” in the South for a number of years, and it is now extended across all areas.

  • The clash with a NAL fixture on the traditional County Championships weekend. This clash has been accepted on the basis that flexibility is given to Counties to change the date they hold their events to suit (especially senior events which could be incorporated into other established events). This move avoids other clashes (e.g. Counties, BUCS, etc.) and is designed to ensure that County Championships for junior athletes are not impacted in any way. The numbers of senior athletes competing at County Championships in recent years has declined and that trend enables this move.


We appreciate this is new and different.  We look forward to assessing the impact of this move as we plan the 2020 calendar.

Nigel Holl
On behalf of the fixture planning group - UKA, England Athletics, Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland

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