There is no doubt that a Triathlete's bike is their pride and joy. On race day it is cleaned, oiled and ready to race.  These sessions are how we make sure your body is ready to make your bike proud.

Turbo Training

Imagine a spinning class on your own bike - that's

what turbo is.  Based at Woodford Park, Turbo takes

place throughout the winter months.  This gives us

a unique opportunity to train right through winter,

even when the roads are cold, wet and icy!

Turbo is coached by the one and only Disco Dave

who is world renowned for his banging choice of

tunes - but watch out the odd Christmas song

sneaking into the playlist in February!

If you want to attend turbo, all you

need is..

1- Your bike

2- Turbo trainer

3- Towel for yourself (you're going to sweat a tad)

4- Floor mat to protect the floor and soak up sweat

Cost: £2.50 or half a swim ticket

Winter Saturday Cycling

Every Saturday during the winter, we set off in small groups for a 2-4 hour ride.  These are split into groups according to speed, so that we are able to cater for all abilities. If you catch the ride leaders on a good day you might even be lucky to sniff out a cake or coffee stop en-route!  Each group is led by volunteer ride leaders.

The groups start from novice/beginners who are just learning the rules of the road, right up to speedy Gonzales' in the top group.

The groups usually start from a small car park in front of Shinfield School, School Green, Shinfield RG2 9EH, UK, and will finish in the same place.

Cost: Free

Power Hour

Once the summer evenings start to get light, we switch from Turbo to Power Hour.  This one hour time trial covers around 20 miles and starts at Shinfield, taking in the delights of Eversley, Hartney Witney and Arborfield as you pass through the local countryside.  Start times are staggered, with the fastest going off last so that everyone should finish more or less at the same time.  The social often follows a Power Hour...

Cost: Free



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