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In triathlon, the run always comes last, but it is important not to forget to train for the run. It is a crucial part of every race when your fellow competitors can tire, leaving places to be won.

Our run training includes track training throughout the winter months, and we're a part of Thames Valley Cross Country League. You'll often find us at the TVXC league events, running cross country and getting well and truly wet and muddy!

Track training: Wednesday at 8pm, Bracknell Athletics Club


Track starts with a 10 minute warm-up at a very easy pace, followed by some drills for agility.

Once the warm-up is done, our run coaches plan their sessions to improve your running. Throughout the winter months you'll be working on different aspects of running, such as speed, agility and technique. 

Track is great for all abilities as you run to your own speed, and no-one is ever left behind as you run around the track in circles!

Cost: half a ticket (£2.50)

Cross Country

The club is part of the Thames Valley Cross Country League (TVXC) along with other local running clubs. The league involves 8 races between October and February, you can run one race or all 8, that is completely your choice.

Events are held on Sundays at 11am. Each course is usually a mixture of woodland trails and parkland and is normally about 9-10km in length.

Cross Country is a fun and friendly event and there is always the legendary TVT gazebo and loyal supporters, so you will not be alone. Includes a great spread of food after. Please bring your own cup for tea and coffee, a water bottle and a plate or lunchbox for food.

Cost: Free

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